The Full Service Research Consultancy with a Boutique Feel

Whether it’s a full end-to-end research and strategy project, or just a portion of the scope – we have a wide range of services to suit your research needs.

We offer the full range of research & strategy services

Qualitative & quantitative research, strategic planning, facilitation services, mentoring for professionals who want to add more research skills to their capabilities and ad-hoc consulting – TP CONSULT offers the full range of research and strategy services.

Full Service Agency

We provide end-to-end research and strategy services. We manage the program including stakeholder engagement, conducting research, report writing, presentations, workshop design & facilitation, co-design, identification of strategic opportunities and action planning.

With a full service model we deliver the insights that inspire action and navigate you through the opportunities this presents for you and your team.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

We unlock transformational growth opportunities for your business grounded in customer truth.

We immerse you into the world of your customer, delivering new insight about what matters most to them. We draw on a broad range of experiences, tools, frameworks and principles to explore explicit and underlying feelings and motivations.

Our approaches include focus groups, depths, online surveys, community boards, stakeholder engagement, secondary research and workshops.

Facilitation Services

Our facilitation services create positive, sustainable change for you, your teams and your business.

We are accomplished at delivering workshops to agreed outcomes. We have an ability to engage groups in authentic expression and unlock new possibilities.

Whether you are looking for customer immersion, ideation or to deliver a motivating plan, we embrace opportunities to bring teams together on the journey of transformational change.

Upskill with Research Mentoring

Why outsource the research process? Want to develop you and your team skills to conduct research internally?

Working either with individual consultants, internal marketing teams or entire groups – we build capability to support you to conduct and manage your own research projects.

Ad Hoc Consulting

Want access to adhoc research expertise but don’t need a full time position?

We provide access to adhoc research and strategy expertise for when you need it most.

This can include strategic advice on how your bring the voice of the customer into your on-going planning and day to day or specialist advice on all things research related.

How to work with us


Get in touch, tell us about your project

What research or strategy project do you have? Tell us the idea of the project, what you’re hoping to achieve and any budget and timing constraints.


Together we’ll work out which services are best for your project

We may suggest an end-to-end full service option, or maybe just a research services offer. We’ll work together to find out the approach that is best for your project.


We’ll send you a proposal, work commences

We’ll send you an official proposal, outlining the scope of the project as well as costs and timings on deliverables. We’ll start the project!