25+ Years of Global Research Experience

Tara Page, Director

Director Tara Page has over 25 years experience in research and strategy and brings a breadth and depth of knowledge to her work that spans many categories.

Tara is the lead consultant on all TP consult projects.

“Put the customer at the heart of your business”

Brilliant strategies start with brilliant customer insight..period. We engage your customers in authentic expression and uncover what really matters to them. We help you uncover opportunities for growth that work for both you and your customer, so you’re better equipped to deliver exceptional products and services. We work with you so you can engage with your customers in a way that is motivational and meaningful for them.

Extensive Experience



Tara has solid qualitative, quantitative, analytics and evaluation foundations from long tenures with globally renowned research agencies Nielsen, Kantar and IPSOS.  She holds expertise in qual and quant, having spent the first 15 years of her career in analytics and quantitative research and the last 10 years more focused on qualitative research and strategic planning. 


Tara’s client-side roles means she fully appreciates the bigger picture of the business challenge and the possibilities that customer understanding presents as well as the research design, data collection, analysis, reporting and insight. She gets stuck into the detail as well as keeping an eye on the bigger picture, facilitating strategic decisions grounded in customer truth.


Tara has a track record in building trusted advisor relationships with a wide range of clients. She is an accomplished facilitator and can navigate clients right through the process if that is what you are looking for. She helps clients get clarity on their customer challenges, conducts the research and works collaboratively to prioritise the action plan.


Researching skills are so useful for consultants and in-house team members. Thanks to her long career in researching, Tara is able to mentor any “newbie” researcher on the necessary skills and approaches to a research project. Whether you’re a sole-trader consultant looking to bring research into your skill set, or a marketing team wanting to take basic research initiatives in-house, Tara has the mentoring and training for you.

FMCG, Government, not-for-profit and the who’s who of Australian and global blue chip companies

Tara has consulted with a wide range of companies and industries, spanning multiple continents.

“Tara is a wonderful collaborator and is considered and innovative in her approach”

‘Tara’s warmth and creativity has contributed enormously to the CIRCA team. She is committed to understanding client needs and producing timely and insightful research and evaluation outcomes. She has the enviable capacity to both focus on the minutiae of quantitative analysis and to be able to step back from the data to show how it fits into the bigger picture. Tara is a wonderful collaborator, and is considered and innovative in her approach’  

Alison Faure-Brac
Director, Cultural & Indigenous Research Centre Australia (CIRCA)

About the Work

‘Living and working with Aboriginal people in the Kimberley was a life changing experience for me. 

This kick-started a shift towards research for supporting positive social change. I realised that many of the frameworks and approaches I had learned in a commercial context were just as applicable in a  social change environment’

“Her talent and style meant I was confident in the accuracy of the analysis and the strength of the strategic recommendations”

‘I worked alongside Tara as she oversaw and delivered a large ongoing program of qualitative research. Tara brings an incredible wealth of experience to the work she does and it shows through each stage of every project. Her talent and style meant I was confident in the accuracy of the analysis and the strength of the strategic recommendations. On top of all this, she is a terrific person to work with on complex projects, being both able and personable, as well as simultaneously focused on the finer tactical details and the broader strategy’

Mitch Redford,
Manager of Strategy & Insights, Brisbane City Council

About the Work

Working with Brisbane City Council was a brilliant opportunity to immerse myself into the needs, motivations and aspirations of the Brisbane community.

Brisbane residents love our city! We want Brisbane to progress and grow but we want to do it in a way which is uniquely Brisbane. We don’t have aspirations to be the next Sydney or Melbourne, we want to celebrate and progress our city our way.’

“Tara excelled at delivering high-level strategic insights”

‘Tara and I have worked together on several critical strategy projects and Tara excelled at delivering high-level strategic insights as well as facilitating and activating those insights through presenting and workshopping. I would definitely recommend Tara for any corporate, brand or customer strategy work involving both internal and external transformation programs’ 

Kathy Benson
Chief Client Officer, IPSOS

About the Work

‘Since moving to Brisbane in 2016, I have worked closely with a range of Queensland-based clients, supporting them to identify and realise opportunities for strategy development, process improvement, communications and customer experience.’ 

“She is able to cut through right to the heart of an issue”

‘I found Tara an exceptional person to work with. She is able to cut through right to the heart of an issue and challenged our team to think differently. She is a great facilitator and brings an energy and fun to every interaction.’

Richard Gordon,
GM Simplot, Food Futures

About the Work

‘During my tenure at data analytics firm, Quantium, I worked alongside Woolworths and their tier 1 FMCG partners to build Woolworths category plans.

It was an exciting time as the market opened up to new, previously untapped data sources which presented new insight and new possibilities’

“Tara was the driving force in building our team purpose, vision and strategy”

Tara had a big impact on our team as a driving force in building our our purpose, vision and strategy and how that was communicated across a team of nearly 100.

Tara also developed and facilitated a number of training courses to step change our focus on consulting skills as the needs of the business grew.

Duncan Petit
Head of Consumer Packaged Goods, Quantium

About the Work

‘It was a time of rapid change, the Quantium CPG team grew from 2 to over 100 executives over a period of 18 months!

It was perfect timing to lead the development of the strategic plan and to support upskill of executives.

The program involved extensive workshopping, collaboration and communication across all levels of the business.

“Tara has completely upskilled me. I can now confidently offer research services to my clients – I would highly recommend Tara as a Research mentor.”

I have been a brand and business strategist for 15 years and was never taught the value or methods of proper research. All this time I have been building brands and doing an incredible amount of guesswork – not any more! Tara worked with me over several workshops and phone/email support to put together a research project for one of my clients. I ran the project, but Tara was on hand to guide me through the process and offer expert mentoring advice. She has completely upskilled me. I can now confidently offer research services to my clients – I would highly recommend Tara as a research mentor.

D. Donnelly
Young Pirates

About the Work

‘Personal and professional growth are major passions of mine. I love supporting the growth of others and helping them achieve their goals.

…and we had a good time along the way.

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