We help you put the customer voice at the heart of your business


TP Consult is a Brisbane-based research consultancy providing research solutions for any size project.

We seek to empower your business by providing deep insight into your customers and what really matters to them.

We draw on a broad range of experiences, tools and frameworks to unearth the human truth and possibilities.

We create clarity and champion the customer, helping you ensure their voice plays a central role in decision making. 

Our tailored approach means we build something that’s right for you.

We listen to the challenges and problems you face and customise our solutions to meet your specific needs.

We are flexible and agile.

Are you wanting a full research and strategy program or the research or insights component? Do you want to upskill to run research in house or access to adhoc research expertise?

We can help. Our flexible approach means that you can engage us for part or all of the project length. View our different services to see how.

Our full-service consultancy means that we can offer the entire range of research services.

We offer a full range of research & strategy services, from qualitative & quantitative projects, through to facilitation, upskilling with mentoring services and ad-hoc consulting.

The customer is at the heart of everything that we do.

We hold a genuine passion for understanding what really matters to people and a deep commitment to facilitating positive  change in organisations and individuals.

We give your customers a platform to tell us what they really want to see from your brand or business. We make them feel valued, we listen deeply to what they have to say and champion their voice in the way we engage with you.

Got a big or small research project? Let’s talk.